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the cypriot thriftlessness!

if you are a retailer and there are certain products you could not sell during the past year there is the perfect way to sell everything off: have a clearance sale! it's amazing how products noone would normaly buy, disappear from the shelfs in a matter of 2-3 days the most. i hereby give a promise to my self that i will never go to such a clearance sale again unless they are selling earings as well! today i bought 7 more pairs and i now possess 68 pairs altogether!! i am so proud of my vast earing collection - even more proud than i am for my stamp collection! the next thing i should buy is a new earing case - my old one is just too small now!
i now have to do the following completely nonidentical tasks:
- Finish my German essay "Directions to my house"
- Implement the class 'Shark' for my java assignment 'Aquarium'
- Finish implementing Bison for my Compilers course

I miss my baby enormously...
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