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the cypriot thriftlessness!

if you are a retailer and there are certain products you could not sell during the past year there is the perfect way to sell everything off: have a clearance sale! it's amazing how products noone would normaly buy, disappear from the shelfs in a matter of 2-3 days the most. i hereby give a promise to my self that i will never go to such a clearance sale again unless they are selling earings as well! today i bought 7 more pairs and i now possess 68 pairs altogether!! i am so proud of my vast earing collection - even more proud than i am for my stamp collection! the next thing i should buy is a new earing case - my old one is just too small now!
i now have to do the following completely nonidentical tasks:
- Finish my German essay "Directions to my house"
- Implement the class 'Shark' for my java assignment 'Aquarium'
- Finish implementing Bison for my Compilers course

I miss my baby enormously...
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April 25 2002, 06:06:35 UTC 15 years ago

Dear u,

yia. Mavri kai oiktri einai i akadimakiki mas zwi. Jamai pou nna kopso ton malaka pou efevre tous compilers, enna tou dio ospou na mavrisei. Episeis malakas einai jeinos pou anakalipse tin Java, kathws jai jeinos pou skeftike tis webservices. Malakes einai kai oloi aftoi pou skeftikan tin C, opws episeis kai oloi osoi miloun germanika. Malakes einai oloi osoi kseroun ti simainei i leksi cyper, opws episeis kai ta arxika www. Espasan ta nevra mou pou eida simmera oti ws jai i roulla koromila eshei istoselida.

En katakleidi, malaks eimai jai egw pou irta panepistimio Kiprou jaai shizoume ta teleftea 4 xronia tis zwis mou, anti na kamnw kati allo.

Malaks enna eimai an den paw popse stin taverna jai meino na kamw parousiasi gia avrio. Giafto tha ertw re....
Today, there was a spring fair here at stanford with various booths selling random crafts: home-made soap, candles, carved mirrors, gorgeous earings (I reserved myself and didn't buy any). Anyhow, there was this shop that had this really nice earing racks and I thought of you and got one for you :) It's not an earing case as you wanted, but it's a hand carved wooden rack on which you can hang your earings (it fits 65 pairs I think, almost all of them + some necklaces) and have them all on display.

Missing you. Going psychotic here with all the work. Been getting frequent panic attacks (with much crying) about approaching deadlines.

But I will see you soon. By then it will all be done.

love you.
thank you baby for your present. i miss you...